Hair Extensions for Madison, WI

I offer hair extensions for Madison, WI.  So, if you want to try hair extensions and you are in the Madison WI or Middleton WI market, then please consider setting up a consultation with me.  I have been offering these services for over 5 years now. Hair extensions are used to fulfill a variety of style or solution needs – they are a natural volume enhancer, can help bypass the awkward growth stage in between styles,and add natural looking highlights or lowlights.  Hair extensions also help with thin or thinning hair, scalp conditions, lackluster natural color or hard-to-style hair. I have personally been certified in 6 different types of hair extensions, but i only offer 3. I am very picky and only want my clients to have the best!  I pay close attention to your hair extension wishes and desires that you are seeking for yourself.  I work hard to make you extremely happy with the end result of your beautiful new hair.

Perfectress Hair Extensions

perfectress hair extensions logoPerfecTress Transformation Extensions are reusable up to 3 times after the first application making the system less wasteful than other non reusable brands. There is  NO HEAT OR GLUE involved in this application! PerfecTress Hair is High Quality 100% Remy Cuticle Human Hair. The attachment has hair on both the inside and the outside of the mirco bead which provides more protection for your real hair and it less detectable when it is in your hair.  PerfecTress Hair Extensions are designed to enhance your natural hair by adding Volume, High or Lowlights and Length. In addition they provide Texture and Highlights without the use of chemicals.
perfectress-strands hair extensionsTouch Ups are recommended every 6-8 weeks. And normally take about 60 minutes.
With over 50 different colors to choose from, the options are endless for almost any end result that you might be looking for!
PerfecTress is offered in 14”, 18”, and 22” hair. And has straight, natural body, body wave and curl texture to choose from.


Klix Hair Extensions

I also offer the highly raved abour Klix Hair Extensions.  The Klix patent pending system dramatically reduces application time which means as a stylist, I can get them on in less than 90 minutes.

This process is simple, fast and easy for both the experienced stylist and the first time user.  Klix application requires no heat, no glue, no tape or the removal chemicals which means no breakage.

perfectress-hair-extensionsTouch-ups are recommended every 4 – 6 weeks and completed in 45 minutes or less.  The removal is safe, painless and easy which leaves the client’s hair in its original condition.

Klix extensions are made of the finest quality 100% Remy Human Hair.  Each strand has been individually handled which allows them to remain tangle free while giving the lustrous look and shine that  we all want with our beautiful long hair.  Each hair is coated by silicone-lined micro links which protect the hair.  This makes your new hair extensions blend well for a seamless application.perfectress-sewing-hair-in

Klix extensions colors reveal subtle hints of stunning hues or a dramatic, edgy effect.  The advantage is that as your stylist, I can achieve a color variation all within one package.

Klix extensions come in 2 textures, straight or body wave.  And they are 18” in length.

Tony Odisho Extensions

Tony Odisho Extensions has access to the latest cutting-edge technology found in hair extensions, ensuring that only the best keratin bonded extensions are used in your hair.

Each strand is made of 100% high quality human hair and a non-damaging, patented, pure bio-keratin bond identical to the protein in your own natural hair. The long-lasting fusion bond offers months and months of beautiful, natural-looking hair extensions which require no special products or additional maintenance visits to the salon.